What Different Options Are Available For Enhancing The Range Of Home WiFi Signal?

enhance wifi signal range in house

All your online work or business depends on the internet. The faster it is, the lesser will be the time taken. However, the speed of the internet doesn’t remain constant throughout the house. For this, you can either use the range extender or extend the power line. The functioning of the range extender is dependent on its position and placement. Though the power line has advantages over the range extender, at the same time it is much expensive as compared to the range extender.

Understand how these devices work

When we perform the Netgear extender setup to connect it to the router of an existing network, then it strengthens the signal and expands it to the areas where there was the least signal earlier. The extender receives the signal from the router and re-transmit it. The router settings remained unchanged but with increased network strength.

As we have discussed the power line increases the signal strength through electricity. In this, there are two parts mainly, one part of which is connected to the router’s Ethernet, and the second one is connected to the place where you want to increase the coverage of your Wi-Fi.  The signal is then transmitted to the wires through the wires with the least interference. This ensures fast and reliable transmission between the devices. If you don’t know anything about powerline or range extender, then you must contact the experts.

Coverage area

The purpose of adding the extender to the network is to make the Wi-Fi signal possible in the dead zones or the dead corners of your house. A single router alone can’t provide the signal in all directions. So, this is where the extender comes to its place.

The placement of a device plays an important role when it comes to receiving a good quality signal. If you have placed the router in the living room, then the extender should also be placed in the same room. After the device gets configured, you can place the extender anywhere inside the home.

The power line on the other hand is recommended for having internet connectivity in a particular room. The signal through the power line is free from interference that occurs due to the walls or furniture. The average range of the powerline is approximately 300 meters. In case, there is a power outage and you have urgent work to do or submit, then make sure you have the best whole house generator to keep all your electronic devices including Wi-Fi Range Extenders up and running.

Remember, don’t forget to check the quality of the internet available at home. The internet service provided by the internet service provider at home must be capable of delivering a min of 1 Mbps of data. If the speed of the internet is slow, then you have to go with a wireless range extender.

There are many range extender models available in the market. You need to select the one with more than one frequency band and 2 top antennas affixed.  There are many manufacturers in the market for range extenders but selecting the right brand can be a cumbersome project for an individual having limited knowledge. You can check the Netgear range extenders having the proper speed and coverage.

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