Why Should You Invest In Nighthawk X4 Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender?

Nighthawk X4

Netgear holds the distinction of being the first company to launch a wall-plug Wi-Fi Range Extender. Netgear has launched X4 WiFi Range Extender, which is capable of streaming high-definition multimedia at speeds greater than 2 GBPS. Let’s take a look as to what more you can expect with this incredible device.

Nighthawk X4 WiFi Range Extender offers coverage of around 10,000 square feet, which is just incredible compared to other extenders, which cover only half the area. Apart from huge coverage, the Wi-Fi Range Extender features MU-MIMO and Beamforming+ technology, which expands the current range of your router to over 10,000 square feet. Along with that, you can stream data to multiple devices at a lightning-fast speed of 2 GBPS.

Being the first premium wall-plug extender,it portrays the ability of Netgear to develop products with enhanced network accessibility, performance,and Wi-Fi range. When it comes to setting up this device, then you can use it using mywifiext net login link.

Extend the internet range in your house with this WiFi Extender!

While it is great to access the internet wirelessly, but the limitations on the internet range annoys people greatly. Routers have made a revolutionary change in the way people access the internet, but routers can’t propagate internet signals too far. Hence, some areas of the house remain deprived of the internet signals, creating dead spots. To enjoy fast and seamless internet in the room of your choice, you must buy a product like Wi-Fi Extender because this product is the only way how you can extend the range of the internet signal without any deterioration.

Why Nighthawk X4 Netgear WiFi Range Extender is so special?

Well, let’s begin with the hardware of the product, so it consists of four internal antennas optimized to deliver excellent performance to even the most advanced mobile devices working on 802.11ac. It also supports older Wi-Fi devices, so you don’t have to dispose them off.

With an incredible coverage of 10,000 square feet, you will be able to enjoy the internet in any room of your house, on the roof, in the garage and other places unless they are within the 10,000 square feet of distance from the extender. It isn’t just the coverage, which is great, but the speed offered by this extender is mind blowing too. With a speed of 2.2 GBPS, you can stream HD content on multiple devices at a time without any buffering.

Here are some other key features of this Wi-Fi Range Extender:

  1. It comes with MU-MIMO Support, which means, it can do multitasking and stream data to multiple devices at once.
  2. The unit features Fastlane Technology, which allows it to use two Wi-Fi bands simultaneously to establish one super-fast wireless connection.
  3. To improve the wireless range and reliability of the Wi-Fi signal, the device incorporates the Beamforming+ feature. This allows it to transmit data to mobile devices instead of broadcasting the signal to a larger area.
  4. A low-noise amplifier has been included in the product to improve the quality of transmissions obtained from mobile devices. The Wi-Fi signal will reach the devices that are kept at some distance.

When it comes to configuring this extender, you can go to the same www mywifiext net link. Or, you can enter in the address bar, which will take you to the Netgear Extender setup wizard page from where you can configure the extender properly.

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