WiFi Extender Or Mesh Router – Which Suits Your Requirements The Best?

wifi extender or mesh router

A discussion has picked up regarding the difference between Wi-Fi Range Extender and Mesh Router with the inception of the latter into the tech world. A decade ago, when Wi-Fi Routers became prevalent, users were excited to access the internet without using any wires and cables, but then, the same users felt the need of internet in every nook and cranny of the house, hence gave rise to extenders.

WiFi Range Extenders were good; no… actually, they were great because they allowed users to connect to the internet from any corner of the house. The only downside to WiFi Range Extenders was their range, which wasn’t that great. A WiFi Range Extender is excellent in covering a small house with 2-3 rooms, but for bigger homes, the dead spots may continue to exist.

To overcome this problem, the bright minds of this world sat together and brainstormed on what new can be delivered to users to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout their homes without changing the network. This led to the discovery of ‘Mesh Router’, a revolutionary device, which can overcome the problem of dead spots in large homes. The functioning of mesh routers is very different from WiFi Range Extenders. Where the role of an extender is to boost the internet signal it receives from the router, Mesh Router on the other hand creates a seamless network all around the house.

A mesh router is not a single device, but it is a group of 3-4 devices out of which, one device works as a hub and other as nodes. You need to place the hub at a central location, whereas the nodes in all corners of the house, so as to cover the entire area with internet. A notable feature of the mesh router system is that you receive immaculate internet throughout the premises without changing the network, which means, you remain on a single network but receive the best internet signal from the closest node.

Which is better? A WiFi Range Extender or Mesh Router?

Well, both devices are used in different setups. Where a WiFi Range Extender is used for small houses, mesh routers are suitable for large houses. Moreover, the technology incorporated in mesh routers is more advance compared to what is included in WiFi Range Extenders. It all boils down to personal preference as to what a user really wants. Netgear offers the best of both worlds, i.e., it has the best WiFi Range Extenders as well as Mesh Routers, so you can consider getting a product of this company. Or, if you have another company in mind, then you can opt for it.

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